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None of that fake news here, we don’t abide by that rubbish I’ll have you know. Because we are Anything But Plastic, (some relevant connotations of the word plastic are: fake and man-made) I can assure you we ascribe to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth yer honour.* All sources and evidence will be rigorously researched, so that only truly noteworthy events and happenings will appear here, because I can’t spend all my time trying to wade through all that trash people call ‘news’ nowadays.  This ain’t no tabloid spread, this is FACT.** In all its glory. Enjoy knowing that you know what’s really going on, feel free to lecture others on your learning.


*Assuming we are all aware of the epistemological angst ‘what is truth?’, let’s just pretend we know what we are on about, it makes life easier. 

**Subject to the subjectiveness of the definition, allowing for supersedence of theory, paradigm shifts and the uncertainty principle.