aluminium soap travel tin

Aluminium Soap Travel Tin


Keep your soap separate and your toiletries bag clean with this light and durable aluminium container.


You’ve switched from bottle to bar when it comes to soap, and you’ve congratulated yourself on doing the right thing and forgoing excess packaging. Solid bars of soap are great, aren’t they? Now, you are about to go on a trip and are merrily packing away when… ah. The soap. How to pack it? You remember why plastic is popular in the first place, as the container comes with the product, hmm that was handy… but wait! Soap can travel too. No longer is it doomed to be left behind wetly weeping, while you go on a fun trip with bar soaps sworn enemy, shower gel. Now you can have the means to do your soap a solid and take it wherever you go with this super handy travel tin!


Size: 10 x 7 x 3cm. Weight: 18g. 100% Aluminium.


Perfectly sized to fit all the soaps we sell made by Friendly Soap Co. The conditioner bars will also fit happily in this tin. The only exception to the products ABP stock is the Little Blue Hen shampoo bars (the ones shaped like hearts) which are a little too fat for this travel tin when new but would shrink to fit with use.


Top tip: To prevent your soap sticking to the tin, find a strip of material (something like a bit of hessian ribbon would work well for this) and place the soap in the tin on top of the material, leaving a bit of the material sticking out either side of the soap. When you next come to pick up the soap, just grab the two ends of the material and lift. Voila, no stick soap!

  • Plastic travel soap containers. If you want to carry a solid bar of soap with you when travelling, a container is pretty much necessary otherwise everything you own will end up a wet soapy mess. Plastic soap containers/boxes have been the norm… until now!