tahera teardrop eco-friendly wild bird nester in action with roosting bird

Artisan Bird Nesters


These beautiful bird nesters made from natural and recycled materials will add an uplifting splash of colour to any garden, whilst providing your garden birds with a snug roosting spot over the cold winter season and during spring.


These nesters are a World Fair Trade Organisation product, sustainably sourced and handmade by local artisan women in Southern Bangladesh. Individually crafted, each bird nester is weaved together using natural seagrass and recycled saris. The artisans choose the patterns and colours for each nest, so every one of these nesters is a different colour, making each one of them a completely unique piece that is handmade to the highest quality.


Buying one of these Fair Trade bird nesters means you will be helping both people and wildlife! You’ll be providing a bird with a cosy home for the winter, and will have also helped to support the skilled women producing these artisanal crafted products and their families who live in poor rural communities in Southern Bangladesh.


'The Tahera is the elegant elongated ‘teardrop’ model of this Artisan Wild Bird Nester range. Teardrop in shape, it offers a smaller cavity perfect for species of small garden bird who roost alone.


The Anita is the largest, ‘Spherical’ model of our Artisan Wild Bird Nester range. Spherical in shape it offers a larger cavity perfect for species of small garden birds who roost together.


The Shesali is the medium-sized ‘Oval’ model of this Artisan Wild Bird Nester range. Oval in shape, it offers a medium-sized cavity perfect for small garden bird species which roost alone or in a pair.'




Materials: Metal framework, natural seagrass, recycled saris

Colour: Varies – each one is unique!

Special Features: Handmade, Fair Trade, unique colours

Tahera Teardrop Nester = Dimensions: 275 x 115 x 140 mm. Weight: 305g

Anita Sphere Nester = Dimensions: 15.5 x 14.5 x 18.5 cm. Weight: 280g

Shesali Oval Nester = Dimensions: 210 x 115 x 130 mm. Weight: 240g