Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo Drinking Straws


A much more stylish and practical reusable alternative to plastic straws. Being made from bamboo, these straws are 100% biodegradable so once you’ve drunk your fill let them return to the earth from whence they came.


Take your straw out to play and be an example to your friends, waiters, waitresses and bartenders. Show them how a straw should be used, again and again, not just once!


Wire brush included to hand clean them. Dishwasher safe, but will last longer if you hand clean them. Rinse beforehand and dry thoroughly after each use.

  • Millions upon millions of disposable plastic straws, that are used every day and are placed in nearly every single drink you order from a bar, restaurant or fast food joint whether you ask for one or not. Take your own and reclaim the straw from evil!

VAT Number: 307 6739 85