oval bamboo hairbrush with natural rubber cushion

Bamboo Hairbrushes


Sustainable bamboo hairbrushes with a natural rubber* cushion and bamboo pins. Totally plastic-free! The round-tipped bamboo pins are soft and gentle on your scalp, making de-tangling easy and pain-free, leaving your hair soft and shiny.


These are quality, well-made brushes designed to last and are made from all-natural materials, so they are completely biodegradable.



Oval - length = 23cm.

Square - length = 25cm. 


*These brushes are possibly best avoided if you are allergic to latex, just to be on the safe side.

  • Plastic hairbrushes. Tacky looking things for the most part. A far cry from the hairbrushes made from natural materials that used to be the norm before plastic; hairbrushes were often decoratively designed hand-made pieces only for those wealthy enough to be able to afford one. (The rest of society would straggle by with a comb at best.) The rise of plastic meant that hairbrushes were available to all, no longer the reserve of the rich. This change also meant a change of mindset. Previously, as hairbrushes were so expensive, they were treasured and often gifted at special occasions like weddings or christenings, and that hairbrush would be kept for life. Plastic hairbrushes, although now available to the masses, were not cared for as such. Cheap materials that are easy to replace meant that one person would go through a fair number of hairbrushes during their life now, as who cares? It’s just a hairbrush… Those broken or lost hairbrushes end up somewhere, (mostly landfill) and stay there.

    Let’s go back to buying a hairbrush we plan to keep, yet will biodegrade and not outlive you once you’re finished with it!