beeswax wraps in use covering food at a picnic

Pack of 3 BeeBee Wraps

Pack of 3 - One small, (18 x 18cm) one medium (26 x 26cm) and one large wrap (33 x 33cm) included.

Brighten up the elongation of your food preservation with these beeautifully* patterned Beeswax Wraps. Reusable and biodegradable.

*It’s a pun not a misspelling!

To use, wrap the wrap around what you intend to cover and with the heat of your hands, mould the wrap to the desired shape. To clean, just use water and a bit of soap if you really need to. When you can no longer wax lyrical about how effective your wrap is, chuck it in the compost or use it as a firelighter.

Which patterned pack will you choose to reuse? Pick your pattern from the drop down list, the list of designs corresponds to the order of photos above.

*BeeBee Wraps - As seen on Dragons Den!*
  • Cling film and resealable plastic bags. Both are suffocatingly plastic and easily discarded. These are not routinely recycled, so go straight to landfill where they stay. Forever.