plastic-free biodegradable dog poo bags

Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags


Owning a dog comes with plenty of challenges, and, plenty of waste. You guessed it, I mean the usage of single-use plastics such as dog poo bags, a familiar disgusting blight on the landscape for those of us who enjoy our walks. Pick up that poo with these biodegradable* bags instead which, while not solving the problem entirely, are a big improvement on the harmful single-use plastic bags which will just hang in trees or sit in a landfill for nearly forever. (Who is it that leaves dog poo bags everywhere but in bins?! Why do they do this?? Shame on them.)


  • 100% plastic-free
  • Contents: 60 bags (4 rolls - 15 bags per roll)
  • Bag Size: 33cm x 23cm
  • Leak-proof
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable, made from corn starch
  • Suitable for home composting (along with the poo, but use this compost on your flowers, not veggies.)
  • Tree planted for every pack sold
  • Certified to EN-13432 and carry the European standard Seedling logo
  • Comes in a 100% recycled Kraft box, which is 100% recyclable


*Need to know – Always check for the term ‘biodegradable’. Sadly, I’ve had to tell some people that the dog poo bags they’ve bought which are marketed as ‘degradable’ that they thought was better for the environment, are worse than what they were using before. Degradable = microplastics. It’s the same product as the standard plastic poo bags, except the degradable version disintegrates into smaller pieces of plastic which creates much more of a pollution problem. They had bought these from a leading Pet Store that you will be familiar with, so please tell the dog owners you know and let them know to avoid ‘degradable’ or ‘oxo-degradable’ dog poo bags at all costs! They really should be banned; it is disgusting companies are allowed to sell something so inherently designed to be harmful.


Please Note: Use these bags within a year, otherwise they will start to break down out of sheer boredom and angst out of not being able to fulfil the purpose they were designed for. If you forget any at the back of a cupboard and are not sure how long you’ve had them, open one up and give it a check before use. …Considering what you are going to do with that bag it’s a smart idea to check that it is still structurally sound. If you don’t use these bags within the allotted time and they have started to fall apart, you can put them in your compost or food waste bin where they can disintegrate in peace rather than having a complete public breakdown.


Check back in the next few days for more info, writing and researching for this product is still ongoing…

  • Plastic dog poo bags. An unnatural phenomenon you can find hanging off trees, fences, or public footpaths near you.