Small Lunch/Book Bags

Small Lunch/Book Bags


Handmade and well made. Small bags that are the perfect size for carrying your lunch around in. :) 


These beautiful bags are handmade, so there is a limited amount of each design. Many are one-offs! The sizes of these bags vary slightly, but are around 21 x 22cm.  


Keep one in your pocket, your bag or your car for the convenience so you’ll never have to buy another damn plastic bag again.

  • Plastic bags. The devil of disposable convenience and a turtle’s worst nightmare. Plastic bag use may be down by 83% in the UK since the introduction of the 5p bag tax, but we’ve still got 17% use to work on. 17% is still over a BILLION single-use plastic bags, so we definitely need to improve on this! Short of a ban on disposable single-use plastic bags, remembering to carry your own reusable bag and reminding others to do the same is the best action we can take to bring this figure down and eventually, out.

VAT Number: 307 6739 85