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Cracker Games

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Crackers for crackers? Why not make Cracker Games your new tradition to play around the table at Christmas! A plastic-free, zero-waste and reusable alternative to Christmas crackers that contains 6 quick, easy to learn games to entertain everyone at the table. A cracking time for all the family.

A lot more fun than your traditional throw-away Christmas crackers!


Age 8+ | 10-20 minutes | 2-6 players


This festive box of games will make the perfect addition to round up your Christmas dinner. Open the cracker by twisting the ends, and once you are done playing, twist shut to close ready to use again next year.


You don’t need much space to play these games, so they can still be played on a full table. Each game doesn’t take long and they are easy to learn for all ages, so every generation can join in the fun. 😊


This product has been recommended by ‘The Good Toy Guide’.



  • Set of cards
  • Six cardboard screens
  • Six wooden Imps
  • A cotton bag full of coloured wooden cubes
  • Puzzle and joke cards


This plastic-free cracker box has everything you need to play the 6 different cracker games. Includes a set of instructions for each game, with a QR code link to videos explaining how to play if you need more help (or can’t be bothered to read boring instructions!)


Games =

  • In IMPulsive, you vote tactically to win cubes from your opponents while keeping your cubes safe.
  • In IMPressive, you’re trying to collect sets of imps by choosing from a line-up of available cards with ascending costs.
  • In IMPetuous, speed is of the essence. Flip cards, spot matches and gain points.
  • In IMPatient, you are subtly trying to influence the outcome of an imp race.
  • In IMPrudent, you need cubes and you need cards, but each turn you have to prioritise.
  • In IMPassive, you aim to manipulate the value of imps while ending up with the highest-scoring cards.


*Game descriptions are taken from The Dark Imp - the creator of these Cracker Games.