dewdrop bee and bug hotel

Dewdrop Bee and Bug Hotel


‘The Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Solitary bees are wonderful pollinators of fruit, veg and flowers in your garden, and as they don’t live in colonies or make honey, they do not sting, are non-aggressive and safe around pets and children.


The Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel is made from FSC certified timber with a decorative woven bamboo finish around the Dewdrop's sides. The centre contains bamboo nesting tubes & a pretty aqua blue drilled log ideal for solitary bee nesting. No chemicals have been used in the construction of this habitat.’



Dimensions: 230 x 140 x 135 mm

Weight: 695g

Materials: FSC timber and bamboo

Colour: Natural timber with blue accents

Special Features: Multiple holes sizes for different species

  • ‘Natural habitats for solitary bees to build nests in are becoming harder to find in modern gardens. The addition of a solitary bee house or hotel can attract bees to your garden to nest and return year after year.’

    The importance of bee conservation:

    Native, wild bees in the UK are under threat. Their populations have declined significantly across the UK over the last half-century. The increased use of insecticides in intensive farming and even household gardens, as well as the decline of native wildflowers due to green spaces becoming more ‘managed’, means that these vital pollinators are struggling. Without our wild bees, we would see even fewer wildflowers in the countryside, and we would struggle to produce many staple foods, as many crops can only bear fruit when pollinated by bees. Bees are the top pollinators, and the loss of some bee species could easily lead to the collapse of entire ecosystems, they are that important to the survival of many plants.

    Nearly all of the bee species in the UK, 250 out of 270, are actually ‘solitary bees’ who fly solo, rather than living in colonies. As these bees do not make honey, or, live in hives they are programmed to defend, solitary bees are gentle and do not sting. These bees are amazing pollinators and are safe to attract into your garden as they will not hurt you, so aren’t a problem around children or pets and can be watched close-up.

    Wildlife World, the makers of this product, has spent 15 years studying solitary bees, and so their products are tested and developed to provide a top habitat for these bees using this knowledge.