plastic-free dog shampoo bar

Dog Shampoo Bar


Solid shampoo bars for dogs! Get rid of another plastic bottle that the world doesn’t need by treating your best doggo friend to a shampoo bar of their very own.


Easy to use – rub it straight onto their fur, it creates a good lather to gently clean their coat of all the muck and grime of those daily walks. Suitable for all the dirty dogs out there. 😉


Anti-flea - Neem oil is a natural pesticide and insecticide, helping to keep those little blood-suckers like fleas and ticks away from your precious pooch.


Anti-itch - This dog shampoo bar contains natural and dog-friendly moisturising ingredients to help keep their coats in tip-top condition and to help stop that constant scratching. It does not contain any harsh ingredients that would strip the natural oils from your dog’s coat and damage it.


Anti-pong - Lightly scented with lemongrass and lavender to replace that odour of wet dog with something more pleasant for the nostrils, yet not too overpowering for your canine companion.


Weight: 100g.


Tip for use = Make this dog shampoo bar last longer by letting it fully dry out after each use, e.g. by keeping it on a soap dish.  


*Please avoid using this shampoo bar on puppies or pregnant dogs (due to the presence of essential oils) - this shampoo may not be suitable for other animals; always check with a vet first*

  • So often, we treat our loyal canine companions as if they were human. Just as human shampoo comes in a plastic bottle, so does the canine equivalent. Now you can reduce your pet’s plastic footprint as well as your own with these bars of solid dog shampoo!