elephant box reusable stainless steel lunch box with cardboard sleeve packaging

Elephant Box


Impress your friends, work colleagues or just strangers in the park with this lunchtime bling. This handsome and spacious clip top stainless-steel lunchbox can be used for anything, not just your lunch. Use it to hold your stamp collection, Pokémon cards or even your marbles. Alternatively, use it as a signalling mirror if you get lost, or as a makeshift drum for spontaneous jams round the campfire. Strong enough to survive being stood on by an elephant!*


*Maybe, I haven’t found an elephant to test my theory yet.


With a 1.8 litre capacity and weighing 450 grams. Length 21cm. Width 15cm. Depth 7.5cm.


This is a proper sized lunch box for proper portions. Not one of those tiny containers which only fit in half a sandwich and a grape, this box is meal sized! It is mirrored steel, so once you’ve finished eating you can use the box to check if you’re accidently saving any food for later on your chin or in your teeth.


Dishwasher friendly, but non-microwavable. Not entirely leak proof as it doesn’t have a seal inside, so careful if you put anything too runny in there.

  • Plastic Tupperware containers and lunchboxes. The devil in disguise…


    Chemicals in plastic leach into your food when you heat it up. A shock for me when I found out, as I was using a plastic Tupperware that had started to warp its shape in the microwave, totally healthy to heat my food in, right? ….and what about all those microwave rice packets and all the other foods that are heated up in plastic pouches that I used to eat…who’s bright idea was it to make microwavable foods all wrapped in plastic?? Clearly one of the new main food groups is plastic, it is part of nearly every meal in some way now. You are what you eat and what we eat is plastic!