scrap fabric bookmark navy leaves on white

Fabric Scrap Bookmarks


These bookmarks are handmade by our very own Núria from Team ABP 😊.


We now have a sewing machine in the office, which is exciting, because it means that we can make some of our own products now. The machine originally belonged to Jenny’s nan, so it is around 50 years old. It was built before the age of planned obsolescence, so having been recently serviced, it works as well as ever!


Making products in-house using the sewing machine has left us with some bits of scrap fabric that is too small for us to make other new products out of. Being wasteful is not ABP’s style, so we’ve made bookmarks out of them!


These bookmarks could be made out of a combination of fabrics. We use upcycled fabrics as well as new fabrics. The new fabrics are either organic cotton or linen. The upcycled fabrics are mostly cotton, but there might occasionally be some viscose too. The thread we use is either organic cotton or Tencel. (Tencel and viscose are made from natural sources of cellulose, such as wood).


To use, just slip the corner of your page into the bookmark. A couple of these bookmarks would be great for use as study aids, or easy referencing. We think one of these bookmarks would make a lovely gift when paired with a book.


The average size of these bookmarks is about 3 x 3 inches. Minimum size = 2.5 x 2.5 inch. Maximum size = 4.0 x 4.0 inch. These sizes are approximate, as they are made using any leftover bits of fabric we have, so each bookmark may have slight variations in size.