no wheat bird seed in compostable packaging

Bird Food in compostable packaging

PriceFrom £3.00

As Mary Poppins trilled so delightfully, 'Come feed the little birds, show them you care, and you’ll be glad if you do!' …While these bird seed mixes may cost more than a tuppence a bag, the amount of joy you’ll get is the same I promise.


These Wild Bird Food mixes use only natural ingredients. These ingredients are specifically chosen to result in bird food that is highly nutritious and packed full of energy. Keep the birds who visit your garden happily fed all year round!


The packaging is made out of cellulose and kraft paper and is resealable to help keep the food fresh. It is 100% biodegradable (even the ziplock) to EU standards and can be fully home composted.


Choose from:


No Wheat Mix –  300g.

‘A high-quality feed that contains natural ingredients such as, naked oats, sunflower seeds and hearts. Above all, the mix has no wheat and no artificial colours or added sugar. This bespoke mix with beneficial nutrients helps attract a range of birds to the garden.’


No Mess Mix –  300g.

‘Contains high-quality natural ingredients designed to leave fewer waste products, like shells, around and under bird feeders.’


Duck and Swan Food – 180g.

Lots of us have rediscovered the joy of our local wildlife during the lockdowns, especially when we were only allowed one daily walk. Feeding the ducks, swans and other waterfowl can be great fun; if you’ve got food these birds will happily interact with you! Feeding these birds food like bread is not very good for them, as bread is filling but does not provide much nutrition for these animals. This Duck and Swan Food is packed full of healthy ingredients and vitamins and will be appreciated by all at your local pond! This Duck and Swan Food also floats, which means these food pellets won’t go to waste, and you are sure to get a quack of thanks in return for such excellent nosh!