organic cotton and natural rubber plastic-free gardening gloves

Gardening Gloves


With these handy gardening gloves, your green-fingered claims can be made literal ...and not just because of the colour! These gloves are made out of organic cotton and natural rubber from fair trade, FSC sources. They also make excellent litter picking gloves, as they are comfy to wear and don’t compromise your dexterity.


To work out your hand size, please measure around your palm using a tape measure above the thumb but below the end of your fingers. 


Small = 19cm

Medium = 22cm

Large = 24cm

XL = 27cm


  • Gardening gloves made from cheap materials with supply chains so opaque they may as well have been conjured out of thin air for all we know. Gardening gloves can be made out of a range of materials, nylon, cotton or bamboo (a more recently popular option) for the lining, with latex (which is natural rubber), PVC, leather and synthetic leather (another way of saying plastic) for the palms. That’s if they bother to tell you what they are made of at all.

    All of these commonly available versions of gardening gloves, even ones that are cotton and latex, don’t take any pains to assure you that they are made responsibly or use sustainable materials.