good dog bundle contains a plastic-free toy, poo bags and a dog shampoo bar

Good Dog Bundle

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For the best plastic-free pooch!

Do you know some new puppy parents? Why not gift this eco-friendly good dog bundle to encourage them to care for their dog more sustainably. A dog is for life, but their toys and poo shouldn’t be!


Price: £20



1 x Hemp Rope Dog Toy.

Choose from small, medium, or large depending on what size dog you are buying for. Check the product description linked below for more info. When sold separately, £9-11 depending on size.


1 x Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags.

Contents: 60 bags (4 rolls - 15 bags per roll). £5.50 when sold separately.


1 x Dog Shampoo Bar.

£6 when sold separately.



Hemp Rope Dog Toy

Dogs have never had more choice when it comes to their toys, which now come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, but mostly…plastic. Make a better choice about what your dog should be playing with by giving them eco-friendly toys like this hand-knotted ball on a rope made from biodegradable and sustainable hemp.



Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

Owning a dog comes with plenty of challenges, and, plenty of waste. You guessed it, I mean the usage of single-use plastics such as dog poo bags, a familiar disgusting blight on the landscape for those of us who enjoy our walks. Pick up that poo with these biodegradable bags instead which, while not solving the problem entirely, are a big improvement on the harmful single-use plastic bags which will just hang in trees or sit in a landfill for nearly forever. (Who is it that leaves dog poo bags everywhere but in bins?! Why do they do this??)



Dog Shampoo Bar

Solid shampoo bars for dogs! Get rid of another plastic bottle that the world doesn’t need by treating your best doggo friend to a shampoo bar of their very own.

Easy to use – rub it straight onto their fur, it creates a good lather to gently clean their coat of all the muck and grime of those daily walks.

Anti-flea, anti-itch, anti-pong!




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