green gardener's gift set including wildflower seeds, a solid hand cream bar and a natural rubber seed tray

Green Gardener's Gift Set


All bundle purchases come with a 10% discount voucher to be used next time you shop!


A lovely gift for those green-fingered gardeners out there.


This bundle contains:

1 x 6 pot Natural Rubber Seed Tray

(£19.99 when sold separately)

1 x Gardener’s Solid Hand Cream Bar

(£9.99 when sold separately)

1 x Garden Birds Wildflower Seeds

(£4.49 when sold separately)


Get a packet of Native Wildflower Seeds nearly free (only 2p bundled in) – as you’ll save £4.47 with this gift set rather than purchasing these items separately.   


As presentation is everything, we have lovingly nestled together these products in a cute wicker basket for you to give it that quintessential but delightful ‘gift basket’ look. 


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