16oz jerry bottle a stainless steel insulated reusable water bottle

Jerry Bottle

PriceFrom £3.00

Have you got the bottle? Or rather, a bottle that is infinitely reusable and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being made from sustainable and recyclable materials? No? Well then, the Jerry Bottle is for you. Stop buying unnecessary plastic bottles and let Jerry hold your drinks instead.

Jerry Bottle donate all their profits to fund water projects in areas that have limited access to safe, clean drinking water, so no need to go to a pub or bar to buy someone else a drink. Go on, help get a round of drinks in for those who need it. Cheers!

The coordinates on the bottom of your bottle point you to where the money from the sale of this product is helping to bring clean, safe drinking water.

Two sizes: 16oz or 20oz. The bottles have a metal lid with a silicone ring to seal the bottle. 

Now a new improved double wall construction, suitable for hot and cold liquids, whether you want to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours or your coffee warm for up to 12 hours, then these bottles can do it! Great upgrade.

  • Plastic bottles. You can’t get away from them. They are everywhere, and one of the most noticeable and frequent forms of plastic trash. Try and find me a beach without any plastic bottles, because I sure haven’t found one for a long time.


    Before my plastic pollution realisation, I used to buy a plastic water bottle about once a month, using it until it the shape started to disintegrate and you could hardly fit any water in it any more. One day, me and my housemate were discussing this, and complaining that the taste would change as well when the bottle starts crumpling up. It finally hit us that the taste was plastic. Which meant that we were drinking plastic. I bought a reusable bottle the next day.


    (This anecdotal evidence is backed up by scientific evidence that plastic leaches chemicals. I thought you’d prefer to read the anecdote, but here’s the science if you please.)