pink and green children's bamboo toothbrushes

Kids Bamboo Toothbrush


Just like adult toothbrushes, but for kids.*


*or people with small hands. 


Show off those gleaming pearly whites with a dazzling smile boys and girls or whoever you want to be, you’ve got something to be happy about because no longer will your dental care give the planet a filling made up of plastic waste!


Make the tooth fairy proud by switching your toothbrush from plastic to bamboo and keep that disposable plastic out of landfill. She might even give you some extra dosh for being so good to the planet.


(FYI: The bristles are still plastic, nylon 6, but there isn’t much alternative if you want a conventional style toothbrush. By swapping out the handle and replacing it with bamboo, you eliminate 90% of the plastic used to make a toothbrush, which is definitely a step forward! Turn that frown upside down and cheer hurrah for progress 😊)