white konjac sponge in bathroom

Konjac Sponges


Wash your face without plastic? Here’s a sponge, how fantastic! Introducing the Konjac Sponge, plant based and 100% biodegradable. Zero waste with no packaging!


To use, just wet the sponge with warm water and buff your face clean. Hang it up and let it dry out between uses.


Choose from three kinds:

White – 100% pure Konjac sponge for all skin types.


Black – With added bamboo charcoal which is naturally anti-bacterial for oily skin prone to spots. Gently exfoliates to reduce blackheads and clogged up pores. Use daily to help reduce breakouts.


Chamomile – Soothe your angry, dry or sensitive skin with added chamomile. Used for its calming properties, chamomile is good at helping relieve skin irritations. (Treat it as a stress relief ball when squeezing the water out. Chucking it at the source of your irritation might help too 😉)

  • Konjac replaces plastic sponges which break up after a while, meaning all those plastic fibres are being washed down the drain. Konjac also replaces the common alternative to plastic sponges, sea sponges. Sea sponges are the dried-up husk of a once living creature …poor old Spongebob Squarepants. (A sea sponge is a good answer to choose by the way if you ever play the game ‘animal, vegetable, mineral’.) Sea sponges as a product make me feel uncomfortable because they are generally not sustainably harvested and where you find sea sponges for sale, you normally find other animals like star fish etc. being sold. I am not ok with coral reefs being destroyed just so people can make their bathroom look pretty. Konjac, being a sustainably grown plant and biodegradable is a much more ethical alternative*.


    Due to its use and properties, Konjac also can be used instead of face wipes in plastic packaging, plastic bottles of make-up remover, plastic tubes of exfoliating scrub - which may still have plastic microbeads in, and plastic bottles of facial cleanser. (I find it cleans without drying my skin out, so you could also add bottles of moisturiser to that list!)


    It can also be used instead of a shaving brush to create a lather when shaving. Who needs plastic or animal hair brushes when you can use this eco wonder instead!


    *Another common bathroom sponge the 'Loofah' is also an environmentally friendly sponge, made from a dried-out vegetable. The loofah plant is part of the cucumber family and is completely natural and biodegradable.