pure fragrance-free liquid castile soap in metal bottle

Liquid Castile Soap


250ml. Want to reduce your plastic use, but just can’t cope with the idea of bar soap? Or do you struggle to convince the other members of your household that bars of soap are just as convenient? Sigh at the thought of all the plastic bottles you still use for cleaning products elsewhere round your house too? Well, here is a solution to help you dilute your plastic pollution! All the fun of bar soap in, you guessed it, liquid form. This liquid castile soap comes in an aluminium bottle, so you can have the liquid handwash you prefer without compromising your plastic-free pledge after all.


Castile soap also has an almost fabled ability to tackle nearly all cleaning tasks, be that body, hands, pots, pans, pets, floor or more! Be creative with what you think this will clean, this soap can handle it. Dilute the castile soap to suit the strength of solution needed for your cleaning task, as a little of this soap goes a long way. Comes in 250ml aluminium bottles with a screw-top cap.


Choose from:

Pure - the unscented option, just pure soap nothing more.

Glacier – Peppermint and Rosemary scented.

Orange Blossom – scented with neroli and bergamot.

Grapefruit - grapefruit scented, like it says.


Made by Little Blue Hen Soap who say: ‘A refreshing & gentle liquid soap made using just fruit & flower oils of olive & coconut. Scented with essential oils. A lovely multi-purpose product that you can use around the house & of course to pamper your skin all over.


This soap is gentle, but as with all other soaps, don’t put it in your eyes, on broken skin and avoid mucous membrane areas such as up your nose. Obviously. Need I say more?


Due to the natural formulation of this product, a little shake maybe required before use. Cloudiness is normal.

  • Liquid handwash in plastic pump dispensers, which are single-use, as they won’t be refilled, and therefore designed to be disposable.

    This product could also replace bar soaps. Bar soaps are great, but let’s face it, not everyone likes them. Some people think bar soaps are unhygienic when shared by many people (this is definitely not true*) and no matter what you do to explain they won’t believe otherwise.

    *Here is a study and lit review of bacteriological studies relating to handwashing, the conclusion of which determines the inability of soap bars to transmit bacteria.


     Others may think that liquid handwash is less messy or ‘works better’ somehow. This may even be you! No worries - bar soap may be your sticking point, but with this liquid castile soap you can scrub away any dissatisfaction, as liquid handwash doesn’t need plastic to house it any longer!

    Castile soap is famed for its multi-purpose usage, so it’s not necessarily just handwash it replaces either, as it can be used to clean just about anything you can think of around the house. Which means potentially you can get rid of many plastic containers for various products depending on what you want to use this soap for. It’s great stuff.

    If you want to use this liquid castile soap as a handwash and have long since thrown away your plastic pump dispensers, you can buy reusable pump dispensers. The bottles tend to be made of glass or ceramic, but the pump dispenser mechanism still has a little bit of plastic in normally, although at least it will be reused for a very long time, or so one would hope. (Can any of you find one that doesn’t use plastic as part of the pump mechanism? I’d be interested to know.)  …Or, you could ask a neighbour, friend or relative if they wouldn’t mind holding on to the next one they use up, for you to reuse. 😊