colourful patterned set of two make up remover pads

Make-Up Remover Pads


Make up your mind to remove some more single-use plastic packaging from your daily routine with these funky handmade make-up remover pads!


Set of 2 pads, 1 x circle and 1 x square pads in each set. Size: Square pads = approx. 7cm x 7cm. Circle pads = approx. 6cm x 6cm.


These make-up remover pads are handmade by our very own Núria from Team ABP. 😊 As these products are handmade, pad sizing and shape can vary slightly. If the design you choose also is not a regular pattern, the set of pads you order may differ slightly from the photos above e.g. the jungle animals pattern has a variety of animals in the design, it's a lucky dip which animal will be on your set! This is what we like to call ‘unique charm’ - we aren’t robots so can’t make everything exactly the same time after time.


Care instructions – After use, rinse under the tap to get out the make-up you’ve removed from your face. You can use soap to get out more stubborn patches of product. Machine washable. Wash using a cool setting to help the planet and reduce the risk of shrinkage. We have pre-washed these so they shouldn’t shrink any further, but you never know. Leave to dry naturally.