bees nest bundle including the dewdrop bee and bug hotel and a packet of native wildflower seeds

Mind Your Own Bees Nest Bundle


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This bundle throws in a pack of wildflower seeds for just 1p! Save £4.48 and some bees whilst you’re at it, you hero.


This bundle contains:

1 x Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel (£21.99 when sold separately)

1 x Native Wildflower Seeds for Bumble Bees (£4.49 when sold separately)


…Bzzzt*, I hear that if you look after the bees they help us by pollinating our crops and flowers. Let the bees mind their own business and make your garden buzz with life by providing them with a bees nest for them to make a home in.


*This means ‘psst’ in the language of bees. You know, the sound you make when you are hiding around a corner and trying to get someone’s attention. Let’s all start listening to stave off the ecosystem collapse that will happen if we let that buzzing stop… **cough cough UK government allowing bee-killing pesticides to be used here again after they had been banned cough cough**



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