multi-purpose reusable kitchen cloths made with organic cotton fabric

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cloth


Wipe away any thoughts of plastic pollution with these multi-purpose, pretty kitchen cloths. Wipe up spills, scrub at stains… Clean whatever you like with them, we won’t hold back your cleaning creativity by dictating uses for these cloths …they can even be used in rooms outside of the kitchen. I know, it’s a mind-blowing suggestion.


Comes in packs of 2. The packs of two contain 1 patterned or coloured cloth + 1 natural canvas cloth.


Made with organic cotton. The natural-coloured cloths have a canvas side which is a bit rougher in case you need to scrub away at something. Comes with a durable canvas loop attached so you can easily hang them up to dry after use.   


Size: 10cm x 15cm. (About palm-sized for convenience.)


Care instructions: Rinse under the tap if only lightly soiled, and stick in the washing machine as and when needed. Wash using a cool setting to help the planet and reduce the risk of shrinkage. We have pre-washed these so they shouldn’t shrink any further, but you never know. Leave to dry naturally.

  • Kitchen cloths or wet wipes, which come packaged in plastic. These cloths are often made of cotton, but not organic cotton, whilst the wet wipes often contain plastic fibres to help retain moisture in the packet.

    These cloths are also the perfect zero-waste alternative to kitchen roll, as they are very absorbent, so are handy for mopping up any accidental spills or mess.