eco-friendly traditional metal safety razor set

Mutiny Box Safety Razor Set

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Ahoy there matey’s! Set yer sights on this fine treasure chest containing a wealth of shaving supplies. The perfect accompaniment to any mutinied pirate, keep yerself looking more London dandy than shipwrecked sailor, in case of rescue from the accursed island you’ve been stranded on. Be the presentable professional pirate you’ve always wanted to be with this un-cut throat shaving kit.

This razor can tackle the greatest of challenges, be that hair on your face, legs, pits or other bits. Lather up, then very gentle pressure will see this razor glide smoothly over yer skin like a crab slipping off a seaweed covered rock. Only apply pressure if you’ve got some real barnacles to rake off yer hull. Use this set to scrub yer decks clean without feeling like you’ve been keelhauled then made to walk the plank.

T’would have been Blackbeard’s choice of hair removal if he’d have known about it, rather than setting his beard on fire as he was apparently wont to do.

Mutiny Box includes:
1 x Stainless steel safety razor
1 x Shaving brush
1 x Pack of 5 replacement blades
1 x Shaving soap


Mini Mutiny Box - 

1 x Stainless steel safety razor 

1x Pack of 5 replacement blades

1 x Shaving soap


Which scent of shaving soap steals yer fancy? Be it the classic Orange and Lavender, or the new limited edition soaps 'The Black Pearl' (Rosemary and Lime) or 'Redbeard's Revenge' (Cinnamon and Orange). Take yer pick.

Clean and dry off your razor and brush after use to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Keep used blades in a safe container (like the box they come in) then recycle them accordin’ to the rules of yer local council.

  • Disposable plastic razors, scourge of beaches across all of the seven seas. Bein’ of mixed materials, ordinary disposable razors ain’t commonly recycled. Straight to the gallows of landfill they go, with no hope of last minute redemption and a new life as a privateer, despite bein’ made of recyclable materials. The fate of a plastic razor is the mass grave we call landfill, or maybe even a doomed journey to the ocean, destined to sail across the sea forever.


    Not t’ mention all that packaging these disposable plastic razors come in, housed in plastic for safekeepin’, an’ that strip they say, what lubricates the skin an’ makes the razor smoothly glide over the skin…what is that I wonder? I spy some polymers within them ingredients lists. Stick t’ shaving soap what’s safer.