native wildflower seeds to attract bumble bees

Native Wildflower Seeds


‘Over the past 60 years, the UK has lost 97% of its species-rich wildflower meadows. Hence these native wildflower seeds are a great gift that helps the environment by reintroducing a selection of appropriate native plants which are attractive to the many species of bumblebees, butterflies and a range of beneficial insects in the UK.


Native Wildflower Seeds For Bumble Bees.

Pollinating Bees are generally non-aggressive and essential pollinators of fruit, vegetable and other plants in the garden, so encouraging them by providing this mix of nectar-producing flowers is good for bees and a valuable boost to natural pollinators in the garden.


Native Wildflower Seeds For Butterflies.

Butterflies will feed on the nectar and the pollen from the flowers, attracting other beneficial insects such as bees.


Native Wildflower Seeds For Garden Birds.

Many species of birds feed on both plant seeds and also the insects that are attracted to plants and our mix of specially selected plant species is designed to boost the food supply for a wide range of these birds including goldfinches, blue tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, robins, starlings etc.


Native Wildflower Seeds For Bats.

A unique mix of wildflower seeds for night-scented plants. Bats will be attracted to the flowers and eat the insects. Bats will feed over areas where they can hunt moths, midges, beetles, spiders and other insects. Our specially selected plant species are all attractive to these insects and can draw in bats to feed.’


Pollinator Safe! These seeds are all free from harmful neonicotinoids.


Best sown in Spring or Autumn. Sowing and growing instructions are included on the back of each pack of wildflower seeds.


The photos above give a few examples of the varieties of wildflowers you can find in these seed packets. See the section entitled ‘Material Ratings’ for the full list of the wildflower seeds contained in each of these packs.