natural rubber gloves for household cleaning

Natural Fair Rubber Gloves


Household cotton flocked natural rubber* gloves made from Fair Rubber from FSC-certified rubber plantations. Plastic-packaging free. Clean up your mess and/or crimes** with the knowledge that your hands and the environment are well protected.


Rubber gloves are a household staple for washing up and general cleaning, and we are all likely to buy one pair at least once during our lives. Shouldn’t we buy a pair that we know has a fair supply chain and zero packaging with which we would otherwise have to pollute the environment with?

Comes in Medium (glove size 7”/7.5”) or Large (8”/8.5”). Each pair has a left and a right hand, just to be clear. We don’t sell single gloves, but depending on customer feedback, we might in future.

To find your size, measure around the widest part of your hand above your thumb with a measuring tape, or for a quick estimate, measure with a ruler diagonally across from the tip of your index finger to the opposite bottom corner of your wrist.


*Not suitable for those allergic to latex.


**Not an actual endorsement for any mischief.

  • ‘Rubber’ gloves can either be made out of synthetic rubber (plastic) or natural rubber. Plenty of supermarkets do sell natural rubber gloves, but they are always packaged in plastic regardless of whether these household gloves are made from latex, or nitrile (which is a type of plastic). This plastic packaging is unnecessary and annoying.