natural log bird nest box in a hedge

Natural Log Bird Nester


This sustainably sourced, FSC certified wooden nesting box is made out of a hollowed-out log, showing off the beautiful natural bark finish, while the lid is treated with a light green water-based stain. Light and strong, it provides good insulation for nesting birds and is resistant to cracking or splitting.


The nest box has a small entrance hole that will attract smaller garden birds such as blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits and wrens. It is the ideal nesting box for those looking for something that will fit in with the natural environment of their garden, or for unobtrusive placement in woodlands.


This wooden nest box has a hinged lid, which can be lifted for inspecting and cleaning by unscrewing the screw which secures it shut whilst in use by nesting birds. Hang this nest box up and secure it in place using the hole on the wooden backplate.


Specifications =

Dimensions: 285 x 200 x 215 mm

Weight: 450g

Materials: FSC timber and log

Colour: Natural wood

Special Features: Thick walls for extra insulation, sturdy and durable build


This product is made of natural wood, so appearance may vary slightly depending on the seasonal availability of timber or other environmental factors.

  • Nest boxes are becoming increasingly important as the natural sites that birds would normally choose to nest in, such as hedgerows, trees, and wooded areas, are in decline, or are less available than they used to be. The replacement of hedges, a natural partition between gardens, with panelled fencing instead is a good example of this. Some of the UK’s most well-known species of garden birds are dwindling due to this shortage of natural nesting sites. We can all help to reverse this downward trend though, by providing food, water and safe places for birds to nest in our own gardens. The more of us that create these garden oases for our native birds, the more they will flourish and continue to fill our green spaces with song.