natural rubber resistance band in use

Natural Rubber Resistance Bands

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Don’t sweat it. We’ve got some eco-friendly fitness resistance bands for all you gym bunnies, exercise shy (you can use these where no one is watching) and outdoor gym enthusiasts.

Get strong to beat up people who drop litter*.


*Not an actual recommendation for a workout. We’re not that savage!


These are exercise bands designed for fitness and physical therapy uses. Comes in different tensile strengths to enable exercise progression and injury rehabilitation. Made from fair traded natural rubber for the best strength and stretch. Use them for home workouts, stretching, to help warm-up and cool down muscles after exercising, balance practices, straps for use in yoga, strengthening particular muscles and muscle groups, resistance training, and for physio recommended injury rehab exercises. Suitable for use in a variety of fitness programmes – stretch your imagination, these resistance bands will fit the bill! These staps are easy to use, versatile and are a portable, convenient alternative to using weight machines at the gym. No excuses for skipping the gym when you can carry a gym in your bag!


Colour coded for progression –

Light resistance = yellow then red 0.16mm beginner

Medium resistance = blue then black 0.25mm intermediate

High/strong resistance = silver 0.35mm advanced

The mm measurement indicates the thickness of the band. The thicker the band, the harder you have to pull to stretch it.


Dimensions: 150cm length x 12.5cm width. Tie using an overhand knot to create a loop of the required length if needed.


Force at break =

15kg for light resistance bands

19.5kg for medium resistance bands

27.75kg for high resistance bands

Colour Progression