eco-friendly reusable dish washing cleaning sponges

None Sponge


Pack of 2


A reusable alternative to those nasty plastic kitchen sponges that shed a load of green plastic fibres down the drain along with your dirty dishwater. 


Made from cotton, with an absorbant layer of bamboo fabric, this sponge has a soft backing of cotton for more gentle scrubbing. Not abrasive, so safe for use on any surface.  


Reusable did you say? Yes of course! Let it dry out after use and when it's looking a bit grim, just pop it in the wash and it'll be good as new. This none sponge will last a very long time, but once you feel that it has come to the end of it's dish washing days, just cut it up and throw it on the compost as it is completely biodegradable. 

Each sponge is approximately 11cm x 9cm.



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