organic cocoa butter 240g

Organic Cocoa Butter 240g


Cold-pressed and unrefined organic cocoa butter, this is a wonder ingredient for your dry skin! A multipurpose delight for all you minimalists, cocoa butter is a product you can both eat and wear… No longer must you suppress the urge to smother yourself in chocolate, as with this organic cocoa butter you can have the delicious smell of chocolate wafting off you whenever you want …without the stares and insects that would accompany that urge if you used a bar of dairy milk to moisturise instead.


How to use: Just take a button of cocoa butter and smooth it over your skin for an instant moisturiser, it will start to melt on contact with the warmth of your skin, and one button is the perfect size for getting all of those must-moisturise places in one go. Let your skin drink it in and you’re good to go! We think it makes an excellent ‘after sun’ lotion or as a handy solid massage oil. You can also add some cocoa butter into beauty or baking concoctions, making and creating your own products. 


Packaging: Made into buttons for ease of use, and comes packaged in a compostable bag inside a cardboard box (they can be a bit melty if it’s warm, as cocoa butter melts at skin temperature, so the bag helps keep them intact).