palm leaf plates and bowls plastic-free party tableware

Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls


Limited stock, once we’ve sold out, they are no more!


Comes in packs of 5. If you need more than one pack, for example if you wanted 10 bowls, choose the option of bowls and then click the quantity box and set this to 2 …etc. Please note, these palm leaf plates and bowls are a natural product made from fallen leaves, so there is a lot of variation in the colouring of each plate or bowl.


If you are attending a socially distant BBQ this summer and are required to bring your own tableware, look no further than these sturdy, reusable* palm leaf plates and bowls. Sometimes, convenience is a handy attribute, so if you aren’t happy with having to take old aunt Edna’s antique dinner plates to a birthday BBQ, these are a nifty solution that will save your crockery from chipping.


If used for nibbles and other dry foodstuffs, these palm leaf plates and bowls can last years. I know, as I’ve been using a few to show off my wares at markets stalls for the past three years and they still look brand spanking new!


Despite being reusable in certain circumstances (for soup it’s probably going to be one use unless you don’t mind discolouring) these plates and bowls are also 100% biodegradable. Chuck them in the garden, use them as a frisbee, seed starters, potpourri holders, or makeshift armour for kids to play with, the uses are endless. And you don’t have to worry about them breaking. Compost them once you are done and return them to the earth, satisfied you’ve got the best out of a few dried leaves pressed together in a handy shape for holding things.


*they will stain if you put wet food in them obviously

  • Disposable flimsy paper or plastic plates, which only just about do the job they are designed for; if you pile your plate too high, your food ends up in your lap or on the floor. Not ideal. These single-use plates and bowls also tend to come packed in plastic packaging.

    These palm leaf plates and bowls can also replace the need to use actual crockery, which though reusable, are heavy and have to be carefully transported if being used at events or garden parties. You also run the risk of losing or breaking your precious tableware, as you just know that Uncle Ed will drop your best plate and that your cousin Martha has been eyeing up your beautiful dinner set for years, so she might sneak a bowl into her bag while you aren’t looking. 

    Parties and events can be great fun, but can also be pretty wasteful. The plastic and single-use partyware we are used to using may make the cleaning up quicker, but are the few minutes of use we get out of a plastic cup or plate worth the lifetime that will then spend in a landfill? Let’s make our events greener so that we can carry on the party for years to come!