plastic-free hand sanitiser WHO approved formula in a glass bottle

Plastic-Free Hand Sanitiser 200ml


Pricing change: The price of the chemicals used to make this hand sanitiser has gone down considerably now, as the market for hand sanitiser has stabilised after the craziness of 2020. This means I can pass on the savings to you dear customers! Old price = £8, new price = £5.50. A whole £2.50 cheaper how marvelous. 


Glass bottle – recyclable. Bulk containers sent back and refilled – zero-waste supply chain. Stay safe, stay sanitary, stay plastic-free. 😊


This formula is approved and recommended by the World Health Organisation + used by the NHS.



(Suitable for vegans.)


Liquid formula – be careful not to spill!


- Alcohol-based – Moisturising – Bactericidal - Non-tainting – Unperfumed –


Designed for use in the health and food care industries, ensuring effective performance.

  • The world has gone crazy for hand sanitiser, and rightly so since we know that keeping your hands clean is a key tool in reducing the spread of viruses such as Covid-19, the current nemesis of the human race.


    However… in our rush to keep our hands sanitary in this icky new world full of virus, the scourge of the throwaway plastic bottle has reared its ugly head again by smugly containing all the hand sanitiser currently on offer. Cue brain melt for the environmentally friendly health-conscious individual, as concerns for our health and that of those around us contends with unease and guilt at using another bloody plastic bottle.