reusable cutlery case with birch wood cutlery for lunches on the go

Reusable Cutlery Case


It seems simple, but carrying around some reusable cutlery is one of the most effective ways of cutting down on unnecessary plastic use when out of the house.


When eating out with friends, particularly if you are at an event with food stalls, there can be the pressure to let go of your eco ideals to make it easier for the rest of the group, so you give in and eat somewhere that only uses plastic cutlery, particularly if your pals aren’t as green-minded as you and are hungry! If you carry your own cutlery, you can eat with the peace of mind of knowing you aren’t participating in some of the unnecessary throwaway culture surrounding much take-away food. Starvation isn’t your only option in these situations where you want to live up to your personal eco ethics. Even if you’re with like-minded people, the draw of tasty food is enough to make anyone think, oh, just this once I’ll use plastic cutlery…it’s a slippery slope and if we all fall down then that is a lot of plastic forks. We all fork up sometimes, but the more we can reduce these occasions the better for the planet. 😊


These cutlery cases are handmade by our very own Núria from Team ABP.


Size: height = 24cm full height, 21cm up to drawstring closure, width = 6/7cm. (These are handmade items so they can vary slightly). Bigger than the birch wood cutlery so that you can swap them out to carry around metal cutlery instead (or as well) if you prefer. You can wash these cutlery cases in the washing machine when needed.

  • Single-use plastic cutlery. Ubiquitous at food stalls and takeaways, they are used once and then binned. Going in the bin is the best-case scenario as they are one of the most commonly littered items. If you live near a takeaway or fast-food joint, or if you have been to an event with lots of food stalls, you’ll have seen your share of discarded plastic spoons and forks thrown in hedges, left on beaches, or just dropped on the path. Plastic cutlery is a blight that isn’t going away without some effort on our part.