Shade all natural sunscreen in a tin

Shade Sunscreen

PriceFrom £3.80

What’s the best way to avoid sun burn? …Stay in the shade. With this sunscreen, you can follow that advice, even in the sun. Hooray!


Shade™ is a plastic packaging free sunscreen with a SPF 25 rating. Choose from a 15ml tester pot or a 100ml tin. Just the right size for your hand luggage.

It’s the perfect sunscreen for those of us who want to top up on Vitamin D without compromising on skin protection or our environmental stance.*


Made from just 4 ingredients, providing protection without any extra fuss, this sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin and also reef safe: no nasties that’ll bleach coral in this sunscreen thankfully. Shade has a coconutty scent to add to the holiday feeling too.



…Is this product description finished? Not likely! I’m working on it though. There is lots of info for this product, so much so that I’ve added an FAQ’s at the bottom of the page while I finish writing up. Check there for all the answers.


*My preferred environmental stance is floating on my back in the sea like an ocean sun fish, although it could also be basking on the beach reptile-style…