buy a For every beeswax wrap sold, we divert 1kg of food waste from landfill

Single Large BeeBee Wrap


One Large BeeBee Wrap - 33 x 33cm.


For every one of these beeswax wraps sold, we are able to help give back a little. By buying a BeeBee Wrap from us here at Anything But Plastic, you can help us save the equivalent of 1kg of carbon dioxide emissions by rescuing food that would otherwise go to landfill and redistributing it to those who need it. Isn't that great?! Check out our impact page to see what we have been able to achieve with your help.

Brighten up the elongation of your food preservation with these beeautifully* patterned Beeswax Wraps. Reusable and biodegradable.

*It’s a pun not a misspelling!

To use, wrap the wrap around what you intend to cover and with the heat of your hands, mould the wrap to the desired shape. To clean, just use water and a bit of soap if you really need to. When you can no longer wax lyrical about how effective your wrap is, chuck it in the compost or use it as a firelighter.

Which patterned pack will you choose to reuse? Pick your favourite pattern from the drop-down list.

*BeeBee Wraps - As seen on Dragons Den!*

  • Cling film and resealable plastic bags. Both are suffocatingly plastic and easily discarded. These are not routinely recycled, so go straight to landfill where they stay. Forever.