square stainless steel metal snack box

Square Snack Box

This is supposed to be called a ‘salad’ box, but salads are boring. Snacks are better, something tasty to keep you going. That doesn’t mean snacks can’t be healthy too, fruit anyone? Be prepared for those sugar cravings to hit by carrying round this handy snack box and keep your hangry behaviour at bay. Although, it doesn’t just have to be a snack box. This box could be used for leftovers, if like me, you always cook too much, (what are portion sizes? Never heard of them) or even non-food related purposes. I know, how versatile! The only limit of potential uses for this box is your imagination. Dimensions:Width & length 13cm, Depth 5cm, Weight 234g, Capacity 500ml. Dishwasher friendly, but non-microwavable. Fine to freeze too. Not entirely leak proof as it doesn’t have a seal inside, so careful if you put anything particularly runny in there.
  • Plastic Tupperware containers and lunchboxes. The devil in disguise…


    Chemicals in plastic leech into your food when you heat it up. A shock for me when I found out, as I was using a plastic Tupperware that had started to warp its shape in the microwave, totally healthy to heat my food in, right? ….and what about all those microwave rice packets and all the other foods that are heated up in plastic pouches that I used to eat…who’s bright idea was it to make microwavable foods all wrapped in plastic?? Clearly one of the new main food groups is plastic, it is part of nearly every meal in some way now. You are what you eat and what we eat is plastic!