Upcycled Scrunchies

Tie back your hair with care. Handmade by our very own Núria from Team ABP 😊.
Two kinds of materials are used to make the ‘stretch’ in these scrunchies, we have a choice of new elastic made from organic cotton and natural rubber, or repurposed bobbles which have been given a new lease of life.
Choose from:
	Checkered (w. new elastic) Organic cotton and natural rubber elastic (not suitable for those with a latex allergy) with reused cotton fabric and thread
	Black Bandana (upcycled bobbles) viscose fabric and upcycled polyester thread
	Black and White Striped (upcycled bobbles) viscose fabric with upcycled polyester thread

With the scrunchies made with new organic cotton and natural rubber elastic, you’ve got a biodegradable and much more environmentally friendly material to tie your hair back with. In the case of the scrunchies made from ‘found’ bobbles, we are removing a waste product from the environment and repurposing it into something new, pretty and useful.
  • Plastic bobbles which get lost and left lying around to end their life as litter, and scrunchies made from not so nice new materials (plastic-based fabrics like polyester or nylon) using non-biodegradable synthetic rubber to add the stretch. Just more unnecessary plastic, which all too often goes to waste.

VAT Number: 307 6739 85