vegan dental lace refill packet

Vegan Dental Lace Refills


Running low on your vegan Dental Lace? No more recurring nightmares of your teeth falling out for you, as you can rest easy in the knowledge that refills are now in stock!


Try refilling for less fillings as I am sure Dentist’s everywhere would say if they knew about Dental Lace.


This vegan floss is 100% plant-based, made out of PLA (polylactic acid) which is a bioplastic, derived from corn starch. Vegan Dental Lace Refill packs contain two spools of floss with which to refill the Dental Lace container.


Two spools of 60m floss included. 120 metres in total.

Which is around 131 yards, nearly 394 feet or 4724 inches if you prefer those measurements. For any sailors out there, who’ve forgotten such landlubber lengths, that’s about 0.0647948 nautical miles.


Is this floss right for you? –

The vegan floss is thicker and stronger than the silk floss, which is finer and softer than the vegan floss.  Some customers have found this floss shreds quite easily, so is better suited for those with teeth that are a bit more widely spaced.


(I’ve got tightly packed teeth and I couldn’t even get the vegan floss in between most of my teeth, as the strand is too thick. Please bear this in mind if you have similarly set teeth with little space between them. - In this case, try the original silk floss if you have no moral objections and just want to floss comfortably.)


If you don’t like the minty flavour of the silk Dental Lace, this is the version for you, as this vegan floss has no particular flavour or taste, it is just neutral.