vegan wax wraps re-waxing pot

Re-waxing Kit for Vegan Wax Wraps


Are your wax wraps acting like they’ve got nothing to hold onto? You might be trying your best, but those reluctant wrappers of yours just aren’t performing the same way they used to. Don’t give up hope though, this isn’t a wrap for your wraps just yet, as ‘BeeBee and Leaf Wraps’ new refresher pot of vegan re-waxing crumbles are the perfect solution to extend the life of your wax wraps. Made with BeeBee and Leaf Wraps perfected vegan formula of sumac wax, rice bran wax and tree resin for the best wax wraps around! 


This handy container contains enough refresher crumbles to revive approx. six large wax wraps, adding years of useful life to your favourite patterned wax wraps. The vegan wax is crumbled up for easy rewaxing, no need for the bother of grating a bar of wax, these crumbles are ready to melt straight into your wrap, all you need is an iron, a tea towel and some baking parchment/greaseproof paper and you’ll be ready to bring your wraps back from the brink. Full instructions are provided inside the cardboard container.

  • Buying a new wax wrap just because your old one has worn out. These rewax drops encourage a zero-waste lifestyle, as you can make sure your favourite patterned wax wrap will last for as long as you need it to.  This isn’t exactly a replacement for a plastic product, but it will avoid you having to buy a replacement of a perfectly good, if tired, waxed wrap. Waste not, want not and all that.