3 pack of vegan wax wraps in use covering Moroccan food

Vegan Wax Wraps 3 pack


You won’t be-leaf it, we finally stock vegan wax wraps! A plant-based vegan version of beeswax wraps, aptly named leaf wraps. The perfect solution to keep your half-eaten avocadoes and all your other hip* vegan snacks fresh.


Mixed size pack of 3. One small, (18 x 18cm) one medium (26 x 26cm) and one large wrap (33 x 33cm) included.


To use, wrap the wrap around what you intend to cover and with the heat of your hands, mould the wrap to the desired shape. Rice bran wax – one of the ingredients in these vegan wraps – has a higher melting point than beeswax, so you may have to hold it in your hand a little longer to wrap it to the desired shape. To clean, just use water and a bit of soap if you need to. When you can no longer wax lyrical about how effective your wrap is, chuck it in the compost or use it as a firelighter.

These vegan wax wraps have a more neutral smell than the beeswax wraps, these wraps just smell like an unscented wax candle and also feel slightly less sticky than the beeswax wraps, so if you can’t get on with beeswax wraps for those reasons, it might be worth giving these vegan wax wraps a go instead.


*Being a vegan is super cool now in case you are behind with the times, you wouldn’t catch Lady Gaga dead in a meat dress nowadays, that’s so 10 years ago…

  • Cling film and resealable plastic bags. Both are suffocatingly plastic and easily discarded. These are not routinely recycled, so go straight to landfill where they stay. Forever.