watermelon seed oil face moisturiser for oily skin

Moisturiser for oily skin - Watermelon Seed Oil 100ml


Looking for a plastic-free face moisturiser suitable for oily skin?


This Kalahari watermelon seed oil has it all. It is eco-friendly and fairly traded. The oil is light, absorbs into your skin very speedily, and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue, unlike thicker cream-style moisturisers, making it excellent for those of us prone to oily skin!


Extremely high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids craved by your skin, it is a highly effective moisturiser and these components aid in repairing the skin surface, helping to keep up an effective barrier against grease, grime and whatever else the world might throw at you.


Best suited for those with oily or combination skin, as works to balance out your skin’s oil production and doesn’t clog pores, making you feel less greasy and helping to prevent spots and breakouts.


‘Storage: Store your watermelon oil in a cool, dry place. If stored out of direct sunlight, watermelon oil will keep for up to two years.’ (These oils have a very subtle scent, so don’t expect to be able to smell the watermelon too much.)