plastic-free wide-tooth bamboo comb

Wide-tooth Bamboo Comb


The Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb = 7.5 inches long x 2 inches wide.


For all types of hair, no matter which way your hair does or does not curl, this inclusive comb is a gentle brusher and will take good care of your lovely locks. This comb is suitable for use for those following the ‘curly-girl method’ too. Made from that quick-growing wonder wood, bamboo, so, in the unlikely circumstance you happen to lose this comb outside, you’ll be happy to know it is 100% biodegradable. Otherwise, you’ll be merrily using this comb for years and years. It is strong and robust enough to untangle even the thickest of hair, and the wide-toothiness of this comb will reduce static, frizz and also helps reduce breakage and split ends with its smooth brushing action. This comb is the good-looking and environmentally-friendly alternative to cheap plastic combs you’ve been hoping for.

  • Plastic combs. Prone to loss and/or breakage…no I’m not talking about your hair or lack thereof, just the plastic combs you use to groom your noggin.

    I’ve picked up plastic combs during beach cleans… which suggests a sad new definition for the term ‘beachcombing’.