recyclable Christmas wrapping paper

Recycled Wrapping Paper

PriceFrom £1.25

100% recycled A3 sheets of brown wrapping paper. (A3 = 297 x 420mm.) The perfect size for wrapping up a book for example. Knowledge is a lovely gift!


Two-toned brown paper, one side is a different shade to the other. 130g weight, the perfect thickness for wrapping paper we think. For now, we just sell sheets of A3, but may add bigger sizes, so watch this space! If you are a big gift giver, stick the sheets together with paper tape for larger presents.


Supplied blank for your creative pleasure. Let your imagination go wild decorating this soon-to-be festive wrapping paper... or let the kids decorate it, keeps them entertained and as a bonus, it lends a whimsical and personal touch to your gifts that your friends and relatives will appreciate.

  • Wasn’t it a shock to find out that not all wrapping paper can be recycled? Turns out those pretty, sparkly, glittery, shiny, foil backed, festive-themed wrapping papers aren’t actually getting recycled. You may have been dutifully putting all the discarded wrapping from your Christmas gift haul into the recycling bin, but unfortunately, these fun-looking gift wraps can’t be recycled because of their sneaky plastic content. Not really paper at all, but plastic in disguise! We’ve all been foiled.