Shipping and Returns Policy

Uk shipping

Standard shipping = £3.35

(Updated in line with Royal Mail's price increase from April 2022) 

UK shipping will be via Royal Mail second class standard postage unless specified otherwise.

Obviously, none of your orders will contain any plastic in the packaging of your items, so don't worry about that!

We reuse all the packaging that comes to us, so if your parcel looks a bit tatty then that's our zero-waste system at work, please carry it on and use that packaging again where you can. 

Returns Policy

You better have a good reason for it. Here I am, trying to encourage mindful buying practices, and you want to return something you say?!

….Well, ok then.

If you are unhappy with your purchase and want to exchange or refund, you’ve got 21 days to post it back.* Plenty of time :)

Any questions, queries, or ponderings you may have further to this, contact

or look at the FAQ's for some more in-depth info.

*Don’t you dare send me anything back wrapped in plastic though! One is not amused.

Sheffield Order Collections

New for 2022!

Order collections are available to those willing to travel to S3 8EN only. We only have one office so cannot offer order collections for any other area of the UK. Our apologies, please spread the word if you want us to expand!

Do I need to bring anything in particular to be able to pick up my order?

Please bring your order confirmation number with you. The order confirmation number is normally 5 numbers long and begins with a hashtag. E.g. #12345. And your name, don’t forget that.

Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

Yes, you are welcome to send a lackey round to pick up your order for you, just make sure they know the name under which the order was placed, and the order confirmation number.

When can I collect my order?

Wednesdays between 10am – 3pm. This may be extended to another day of the week in time, consider this a trial run for order collections for now.

Where do I collect my order from?

Unit 21, New Mesters, 53 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 8EN. (Further directions, our unit is upstairs – go up the metal spiral staircase and down the walkway, you’ll see us easily. But, if it is raining or icy, or if you know you are a clumsy sort of person, please go up the inside staircase. – Walk past reception, there is a door on your left with some stairs, go up, through the door at the end past the loos, turn left out the door and we are the first unit on the upstairs walkway.)

Can I add to my order once I’ve got there and seen all the wonderful products you have in person?

Yes, you can, we take either cash or card. But unfortunately, we don’t really have space to browse in person, so please do your browsing online if possible!

Is there anywhere to park when coming to collect my order?

Unfortunately, there is no visitor parking available. You would have to find parking on the street outside the New Mesters office complex.

I’m coming to collect my order by public transport, what’s the nearest tram or bus stop?

The nearest tram stop is Shalesmoor. Then it is just a short walk to our office. Buses number 7, 8 and 8a all come up Mowbray Street. Or it is approx. a 15 min walk from the town centre.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, there is a lift, but you can also arrange with us to bring your order down to you if you’d prefer.

Can I just turn up at your office?

Erm… No.

Please place an order through the website so we can make sure there is enough stock of the items you want, otherwise, you might get here and be disappointed if we have run out of something you want. We are an online shop, so this is a ‘click and collect’ style service only. We do not have a shopfront to browse, and we don’t have much spare space for you to stand in sorry!

If I order on a Wednesday, will my order be ready for collection on the same day?

Most probably, but please email us to confirm this is ok before you arrive, as if you order at 9:57am and turn up at 10am on the dot we may not have had time to even see your order yet. We only work at human speed please remember.

European and worldwide shipping

I do not currently have the facilities, and by that I mean funds, to start offering shipping to everywhere sadly. I do not want to offer a flat rate international shipping right now, as depending on which products you buy and where you want me to ship to, prices could vary quite a bit, and I don't want to have to charge you insane amounts for postage either. Worldwide shipping is a service I'd love to be able to provide, but it's just beyond my capabilities to work out how to do this in both a time and cost-effective way right now.

Maybe someday!