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Here at ABP, we believe that businesses need not be profit-hungry destruction machines, and can instead be environmentally and ethically responsible changemakers that strive to benefit society. We call this benefit our ‘impact’.

This is Anything But Plastic’s impact page. Here we show off all the good we’ve done together, (none of this would have happened without our amazing customers and supporters) and tell you about any current projects we are supporting. This page includes new initiatives, so it is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.

UPDATE - 25/11/2021

‘Green’ Friday 2021

For all products sold over the ‘Black Friday’ weekend, we will donate 50p per item to Surfers Against Sewage via Work For Good. Fill up your basket and help us raise some money for this well-deserving charity!


Surfers Against Sewage is a national conservation charity that campaigns to protect our marine areas and help the communities that live alongside our seas to act in protecting our favourite blue spaces. Some of the work they do includes campaigning against sewage dumping in the sea, organising beach cleans, and working with schools and communities to inspire plastic-free living.

Orders placed on Friday the 26th of November will additionally receive two handmade recycled Christmas gift tags for free with their purchase.* 😊

*While stocks last.


UPDATE - 14/10/2021

We are now a member of Work For Good.

WFG is a UK-based platform that helps small businesses set up legally compliant charity donation schemes. There is no minimum donation, so small businesses can give from the word go, and make every penny donated count towards a good cause.  

Our new refer a friend scheme is up and running! 

​For every order placed using a refer a friend code that we receive, Anything But Plastic will donate £1.50 to the Marine Conservation Society. 

Refer a friend and £1.50 to MCS.png

UPDATE - 06/10/21

Changes to impact page –

  • We are changing the way ABP does its charitable giving. We will no longer be using B1G1 as our giving partner as of 06/10/10/21 and we are working towards switching to an alternative giving partner.

  • The main project we supported through B1G1 (beach cleaning via ROLE Foundation) is now fully funded, so we have temporarily suspended our ‘refer a friend’ donations until we find another project or charity to support. Any ‘refer a friend’ codes we receive during this time will be kept on hold, once we have found a new cause to support, any backlogged ‘refer a friend’ codes will be used to support the new project/charity.

  • Because we are moving away from B1G1, we also will be stopping our giving to the projects which were linked to the sales of these products:

  1. Single-pack Large BeeBee Wrap – every wrap sold = 1kg of carbon emissions saved by rescuing food waste from landfills.

  2. Ecoffee Cups – every reusable coffee cup sold = one day’s worth of access to clean water by a community created using solar power.  

  3. Lunch/Book Bags aka Mini Tote Bags – every bag sold = one day of education for a Dalit girl in India.

  • Again, any of these particular products that are sold while we make our switch will be noted and once our giving is back up and running, we will donate to new causes/charities for these products. We are likely to expand the list of products that support a charity/cause via their sale, so look out for these new initiatives coming soon!

what impact did we make as a business for good?

business for good logo
b1g1 charitable product links
b1g1 giving impact total

Pass it on to pick it up

We started a ‘Refer a friend’ scheme as of September 2020 called ‘Pass it on to pick it up’. When you refered a friend using this scheme, we ensured a kilo of coastal plastic pollution would be picked up on their behalf. You can see the total impact we created in the image which shows our giving impacts.

Our giving through Business for Good helped contribute towards furthering the global sustainable  development goals

b1g1 sdg's total impacts

UPDATE - 30/11/20 

Our ‘Green Friday’ weekend pledge (ABP's version of a positive alternative to Black Friday) means that thanks to you, our brilliant customers, we were able to sponsor the removal of 72kg of plastic pollution from beaches worldwide! 

Refer a friend FAQ

- I’ve received a ‘refer a friend’ leaflet with my order, what is it and how do I use it?

ABP’s mission is to tackle plastic pollution, and while we have a good handle on reducing plastic pollution at the source by providing replacements to many single-use plastic items, there is a lot of rubbish already out there blighting our earth and choking our seas. We are using our ‘refer a friend’ program to donate to charities which help combat existing plastic pollution. If the friend that you’ve referred places an order, we will donate £1.50 to the Marine Conservation Society vis Work For Good.

- What does my friend have to do?

Once your friend has received the code you have given them, they need to place an order with ABP (if they want to, of course). When they are in the ‘checkout’ phase of the transaction, there is an option to ‘add a note’. If you click this ‘add a note’ button, a box appears below in which you can type instructions, a message to us or, in this case, type the refer a friend code in. They then finish checking out as normal and that is their job done. We pick up their note with the code and add it to our total to donate to the Marine Conservation Society. This makes both you and ABP enablers of some of the brilliant projects the MCS work on. 😊

- Who is your charity partner?

The Marine Conservation Society is a 'UK charity fighting for a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy'.

Find out more on their website:

- What is Work For Good?

Work For Good (WFG) is a UK-based charity platform which allows small and medium-sized enterprises to build charitable giving into their everyday business practices.

Why choose to go through a platform like WFG instead of directly working with a particular charity? Many charities require expensive lump sums to partner with them as a business, which locks out many SME’s (small to medium enterprises) which don’t have the cash flow to be able to work that way. Work For Good allows us to break our giving down into micro amounts so that our cash flow is unaffected by suddenly having to come up with a big lump sum to pledge. We’ve chosen to use Work For Good as our giving platform as we think all businesses should be able to give and give back, the size of a company shouldn’t impede doing some good.