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This shop is a little bit different.

As well as trying to provide plastic free alternatives, this shop wants its customers to make informed purchases and promote sustainable buying practices. 


Each product will have these sections:

'What does it replace?'

What alternative to plastic does this product provide.


'Why is it better?'

Why this product is better than the plastic item it replaces.

'Is it worth it?' -

You'll notice the prices tend to be slightly higher than disposable products made of cheap plastic. I provide explanations as to why I believe it is worth it, explaining the value of the product and the environmental benefits, along with any other benefits it provides. 

'Material Ratings' -

Which will explain what the product is made from, whether it is sustainable and environmentally friendly and how ethical it is too. This involves quite a lot of research, and due to the nature of the subject ratings may change over time, so this section will be continually updated to reflect this. 

We live in a society where it is acceptable to be ignorant of the life cycle of the things we buy and use. This has led to massive environmental problems and human exploitation.


Because if we don't know, then it is not our fault. 

I think we should know.

If you are an active and knowledgeable customer you can make fair and sustainable choices. If you don't and passively accept little or no information on your potential purchases, you can't make those choices, so the exploitation of our world will continue.


I believe we can change this, all it takes is a little knowledge.


Don't you?

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