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kids strawberry denttabs toothpaste tablets with fluoride

Toothpaste tablets for kids! (…and adults who really like strawberries). Recommended for children from age 3+. Keep your kid’s teeth strong and healthy without any need to use wasteful plastic toothpaste tubes. Suitable for sensitive milk teeth with a reduced amount of fluoride at 500ppm.


To use, just chew one tablet and add a dab of water to feel it magically turn into toothpaste. Then clean your teeth as normal. (For a whole two minutes mind, otherwise, the tooth fairy will be after you!)


1 months supply = 60 Denttabs tablets

6 months supply = 360 Denttabs tablets


That’s for one child. If you want two months’ worth, which would be 1 month’s supply for two kids, then just click ‘1 month’s supply’ and put the quantity as 2. Get it? 1 months supply comes packaged in a small glass jar, while the 6 months supply is packaged in a cardboard box.


Keep out of reach of sticky fingers! This kids version of Denttabs seems altogether a bit too much like sweets (sweet shaped, strawberry flavoured) for it to be sensible to leave them in grabbing distance. If you have trouble getting your kids to see the benefits of brushing their teeth, hopefully, the similarity of a toothpaste tablet to a sweet will help persuade them that brushing their teeth can be fun after all. 😊

Kids Strawberry Denttabs

PriceFrom £3.00
  • Plastic tubes of toothpaste of course! Unrecyclable horrors.


    Most of us these days, manage to keep a substantial number of our teeth into old age (or we hope so anyway) and we can put that down to improved dental hygiene and dentistry, despite our increasing consumption of sugary teeth rotting goodness. Toothpaste, this underrated wonder of the modern age, makes it all better and keeps us smiling toothily rather gummily grinning. Not something one would like to forgo then, despite the environmental problems of toothpaste packaging. Thank goodness for a viable replacement for the toothpaste we all know and use then.


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