kutis bi-carb-free deodorant sticks

Kutis Bicarb-Free Deodorant Stick


Plastic-free deodorant in a cardboard tube. Suitable for those who have realised they are sensitive to bicarbonate of soda (a common ingredient in most plastic-free deodorants) or if you prefer a roll-on style deodorant.


Choose your scent:


Lemongrass and Tea Tree

Grapefruit and Mandarin

Lavender and Bergamot


50g sticks – lasted over 2 months in our tests. How long it will last for you depends on how liberal you are with your daily application.


*The unscented version is suitable for pregnant women and for those with extremely sensitive skin as it contains no fragrances or essential oils or bicarbonate of soda.


To use:

Push gently from underneath the tube to make the deodorant pop up out of the top, then rub on your armpits as much as you feel is required. If the deodorant is a bit cold, hold it against your skin for a few seconds before applying to warm it up to skin temperature, so that it can be applied smoothly. Any excess product on your skin that hasn’t fully melted can be rubbed in with your fingers. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources (so that it doesn’t melt), if it is a bit too melty, stick it in the fridge for a short time to help it reset. Be aware - Wait until your pits are fully dry/absorbed before putting clothes on as this deodorant can leave white marks.