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I may be selling anything but plastic, but that doesn’t mean that all other materials are ‘good’ e.g. sustainable and environmentally friendly. I am developing a ratings system for the different materials used here instead of plastic. Each product will be given a rating based on the materials it is made of. This is so that consumers can make a fully informed choice about their purchases. This system will help guide buyers as to the origins of their purchases and the impact their buying choices make on the planet.

(It will also serve to alleviate my capitalist guilt by reconciling the fact that I have to create more to ultimately lead to less waste and better buying practices.)

Ratings system

Materials will score high or low on the following categories:


  • Single use or disposable.

  • Made with finite resources.

  • Unmanageable resource depletion.

  • Reusable and recyclable.

  • Made with renewable resources.

  • Preservation of resources.


Environmental Impact 

  • Non - biodegradable.

  • Negative means of production e.g. uncontrolled deforestation.

  • Negative end of life destiny e.g. landfill or litter.

  • Biodegradable.

  • Positive/neutral means of production e.g. circular economy.

  • Positive end of life destiny e.g. reusable or compostable.


  • Toxic chemicals in production.

  • Restricted workers rights.

  • Dangers in production.

  • Materials not safe for use.

  • Obscured or untraceable supply chain.

  • No harmful chemicals.

  • Enshrined workers rights.

  • Safe production methods.

  • Materials safe for use.

  • Transparent supply chain.

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